First Love Anniversary

First love never dies. An old cliche which maybe not necessarily being dragged into teenage love romance. In this case, I found its meaning ...

First love never dies.

An old cliche which maybe not necessarily being dragged into teenage love romance. In this case, I found its meaning into my music life.

14 years ago yesterday (Feb 3), Pearl Jam released their fifth album titled Yield. I'm not sure wether we, in Indonesia, received the same date of release or not but around that time I was still in my second year of senior high. My teenage crush with anything music - searching for identity.

My siblings have this large collection of music cassette range from Kreator to Alanis Morissette. And my peers at the time were really into Britpop and Ska. I dig 'em all, including a cassette titled Ten by Pearl Jam - which ironically didn't get my attention at that time.

One night, I was listening to radio. One of the program that I used to follow was "Hai Rock", weekly chart of newly released rock song worldwide. That was the debut of Given to Fly entering the chart. DJ said that single was from Pearl Jam upcoming album. I taped the song in the next week and frequently play it thru my stereo.

Month later, I watched a video from Channel V. It was an animated video about evolutionary process in irony of human being. The band was absent. It has the coolest graphic, later I found that it was drawn Todd MacFarlane, creator of Spawn. When the video almost over, title and the band revealed. "Do the Evolution, Pearl Jam, Yield".

The very next day I decided to ride my motorcycle and ran into Yogyakarta. The nearest big city, about 40 km from the place I live. I'm craving for Yield album so I ran into cassette store downtown. It took time as the cover was actually drowned in black with panoramic image and has very little "Pearl Jam" written on it. What has strucked me was this promotional sticker, stating that the album featuring hits such as "Given to Fly", "MFC" and "In Hiding".

Funny as actually I only listened to GTF previously, with once snapped to "Do the Evolution" video. At the time, there are no leaks or "download preview" as for now. I barely recognize the other songs from Yield. But in an instant they quickly grow on me, especially Wishlist and All Those Yesterdays.

And that was the mark of my musical history. My elder brother who at the time also listening to a lot of Pearl Jam early albums didn't know yet the existence of Yield. I repeatedly play the cassette and fell in love with the album. I still keep that historical cassette and frequently played it over my car stereo.

I became a Pearl Jam devotee ever since and caught their following release, Live on Two Legs which introduced me to their earlier catalogue. And love began to grow between me and those Seattle quintet ever since. Yield opened the path, and this month we celebrate our 14th anniversary.

Happy anniversary Yield!


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iPul dg Gassing mengatakan...

first love memang susah dilupakan..apalagi kalo sampe berlanjut ke "pelaminan"

Helman Taofani mengatakan...

Ya ini adalah first love yang mengizinkan saya berpoligami. Eventually, my true love would be Vitalogy. :)

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