When global pandemic stroke, like most of people in planet earth, we were stuck in quarantine or isolation. This was when another pandemic hit, which was boredom.

I am using the computer graphic platform to study and re-learning to draw people portrait. I was inspired by Shepard Fairey, graphic artist from USA, with his distinctive graphic style. The more I draw, the more I get inspired to create something.

Most of my project finalized in gigs, drawing for commission. I found it less amusing because I wasn't really inspired to do so. So, I turned into drawing famous or inspiring characters once again.

With the booming NFT sales and coverages, I think this is the next possibility venturing into the illustration business. At first, I was trying in conventional way to sell the illustration as NFT. Plain and simple. As my venture getting deeper into meta-jungle, I was thinking to put some values over there.

So, I came up with my first project, inspired by analog experience I had years back with trading cards. I am releasing thematic trading NFT cards. The goal is have gamification in it to collect them all (sound Pokemon-ish, I know). Each series will carry different theme, featuring different illustration.


The product is NFT card. Each series will contain 9 illustrations/portraits/characters. In every series, there are basic cards, silver cards, and a gold card.

Basic Cards
The basic cards will have (total) 75% availability of total collection. Each card will have access to the PDF vector version (the same illustration).

Silver Cards
With the silver cards, you can access total 4 illustrations in vector format. These cards only have 10.9% availability from total collection.

Gold Cards
Access all collection with gold cards, also be the lucky person (1.8% availability) to have the complete set.


Stage 01 is releasing the series, in Open Sea platform, so they will be accessible. The product will carry benefits in unlocked items to access the PDF vector format. So, if you want to use the illustration in t-shirt, print in canvas, or anything else, the file is the key.

The first series release is now on sale. You can check it out here.

Stage 02 is giving rewards to those complete the collection (9 cards) in form of goods or merchandise. I will decide later after tackling distribution/delivery problem anticipating overseas expedition.

Stage 03, I will host all the cards in my virtual gallery/album, with the NFT holders mentioned as owners.


Follow the updates from my social media handle, both twitter and instagram. Ignore the price and the link above.

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