The End is the Beginning

“... we were very impressed with the atmosphere in the stadium but we played a good game . The Indonesian have loyal supports from their na...

“...we were very impressed with the atmosphere in the stadium but we played a good game. The Indonesian have loyal supports from their nation, which would've been a pressure for us, and it's only a matter of experience. With those kind of support and level of display in two previous matches, maybe we'll see Indonesia in the Asian elite soon.”

- Pim Verbeek, Korea Republic' Head Coach

Yeah rite Meneer Verbeek, as I saw last night that every group of people gather around a small cube that was broadcasting livematch from Jakarta. From managerial level to security, in any office. And some "warteg" with television packed with group of people shouting and expecting something. From becak driver to homeless men. I can't see nothing compare to football, nowadays, unite all of those "daily clash-risked" elements. This Garuda struggle apparently define "unity" terms in a simple yet significant way.

The ball is now in PSSI (Indonesian Football Federation) to continue this euforia, and let not this multiethnic nation's dream vanished. The end is the beginning. The journey of Garuda may have ended (in Asian Cup), but the journey of our national football shall continue. Just like Pim Verbeek said, it's only matter of experience that edged out Indonesia. We have all of those elements needed in developing football. Support and talents. As Pim Verbeek also said, maybe we'll see Indonesian as Asian elite in near future.

Hopefully, it's not just football. Rise my fellow nation, rise!

PS: Thanks to Garuda boys, you done GREAT lads! Tears that've flown last night were not merely matters of disappointment, but also tears of proud.


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Daeng Ipul mengatakan...

kemarin, waktu liat antusiasme publik yang berduyun2 ke GBK, istri saya ngomong : " gimana kalo kita lolos ke Piala Dunia ya..?, pasti lebih rame lagi..pantesan kemarin Korea jadi "gila" kayak gitu.."

sebuah pernyataan yang menggelitik...mudah2an saja umur kita masih panjang dan bisa melihat timnas kita berlaga di piala dunia, biar antusiasme yang sama tetap kita rasakan...antusiasme yang sampe2 menular ke milis PJ.Id...hehehe...

Helman Taofani mengatakan...

Insyaallah masih sempet la, nonton Indo di Piala Dunia. Harusnya sih Piala Dunia 2010 udah bisa compete tuh, kalo mau.

Anonim mengatakan...

Step by step.. mari menatap Sea Games :-)

Ahadi mengatakan...

Very-very impressive article!

Loe banget Man!

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