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Remember Dennis Rodman? Apart from being record bearer in rebound rate as professional basketball player, Mr. Rodman also gave his time to d...

Remember Dennis Rodman?

Apart from being record bearer in rebound rate as professional basketball player, Mr. Rodman also gave his time to dig deep from his favorite band, Pearl Jam. When he was transfered to San Antonio Spurs in 1993, he picked the number 10 jersey instantly. Number 10 wasn't so popular number in basketball, unlike football. Rodman picked the number for reason, which was Pearl Jam. It's no secret that he is crazy about those Seattle-based band, whose debut album entitled "Ten". Eventually, Pearl Jam took the title "Ten" from Mookie Blaylock's jersey number. Mookie was another basketball star, whom Pearl Jam stole the name for their early band-name before later was substituted.

As for Rodman, his passion on Pearl Jam wasn't merely stopped in Pearl Jam's early year. When later in 1995 he was transfered to Chicago Bulls, he chose number 91 in his Bulls' roster. Along with Bulls' number 23, Rodman help the Illinois' based basketball club to achieve their domination under the reign of Phil Jackson. Number 91, for your information, was picked by Rodman as number 10 was already retired since 1976 under legend Bob Love. 9+1 is 10. And for any other Pearl Jam realted fact, the band's debut album was released in 1991.

In the other hand, Ed Vedder is a longtime Bulls fan with his Evanston, Illinois nativity. So, it wasn't hard for them both went knew each other as Rodman eventually gave his rendition in Pearl Jam's song. Along with 1996 release album, No Code, Ed made a song dedicated to Rodman's habit in colorize his hair. "Black Red Yellow" is the name of Pearl Jam's particular song with Rodman's voice in an answering machine which was recorded as a filler during solo-interlude in those unreleased (yet) song (later released in a B-Side compilation, Lost Dogs in 2004).

In the time Rodman achieve his peak career, his favorite band also enjoy the stardom status. Grunge and alternative reach their summit in mid 90-s. So the connection between The Worm (Rodman's nickname) and Pearl Jam was blew out to public. That, partially, driven by Rodman's biography release in 1996, Bad as I Wanna Be which contains Pearl Jam's lyric. Ironically, Rodman's career went down as Pearl Jam release their fifth album titled Yield, in 1998, when he later joined La Lakers. That was the years alternative music having their declining moment. Therefore, Rodman hot relationship with Pearl Jam was never been heard anymore, eventhough he tried to squeeze another career as Holywood' actor, while Pearl Jam having their musical journey went on.

And suddenly, in 2007, Rodman appears in Lollapalooza festival which was held in his familiar town, Chicago. Off course, Rodman was there for Pearl Jam: festival's headliner and closer. His familiar figure was captured in the last song of Pearl Jam's setlist, "Rockin in the Free World". Rodman appeared onstage joining the band along with numbers of famous figure such Iggy Pop, Ben Harper and others.

And there he goes, across my memory of great basketball player that used to be my favorite sport. I remember once there's a dynamic giant, yet eccentric figure under the ring grab any rebound. And there's Dennis Rodman, NBA's alltime leader in rebound rate. He's a Pearl Jam fans.


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Anonim mengatakan...

O where.. o where.. can my baby be... the lord took her away from me..

The only Pearl Jam's song I know :D

Helman Taofani mengatakan...

Coba dengerin "Man on the Hour" deh, atau "Light Years". Keren juga kok...

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