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Last night was the bitter moment for me and maybe other people felt the same too. It wasn't about the failure of AC Milan to progress in...

Last night was the bitter moment for me and maybe other people felt the same too. It wasn't about the failure of AC Milan to progress into Quarter Final of European Champions League (ECL) this year (as they deserved no further with their lack of complacency). Nevertheless, the fact that someone has to put an end for his era after 101 matches...

It was Maldini's last battle in European competition. Prior to his retiring announcement early this year, the defeat will end his remarkable 101 matches through European odyssey. Two goals from Fabregas (who wasn't exist as a human being in the day Maldini making his debut) and Adebayor should erase the player's ambition to put a swan song in his final days. With only 12 fixtures left in Serie A, any title would almost become impossible to reach in his final 6 months. His last glory perhaps will be the Club World Champions, where he actually hinted to hang his boots right after the tournament (in the middle of 2007/2008 season).

Paolo Maldini made his debut at age 16 in AC Milan roster, when Niels Liedholm decide to introduce the son of legendary Milan defender, Cesare - as a right back. It was January 20th of 1986, in Serie A match that was held in Friuli Stadium, against Udinese. Ever since then he's been through 1003 official matches under red and black jersey with many victories that put him into one of the most glorious player ever. A turnaround, when he has the chance to recycle history when he could play his number thousand' match against Udinese in Friuli at January 20th of 2008! Apparently, injury forced him to postpone his milestone.

Days later, he made it into the squad, and reach his 1000th matches in goalless draw against Parma in Ennio Tardini Stadium. Week later, against Arsenal in ECL, Maldini reached his 100th mark in European Competition. But it was destiny that the record couldn't go further than a game more. In his 101st match - compiling 5 trophies of ECL - within 1003 overall, Milan surrendered by the English side in the second leg at San Siro. The same goddess to tragically put stop at two grand final in his career with Italian National Team. The only "sin" in his achievement as a professional footballer.

Age don't lie. It's remarkable though to see modern footballer play in a top level at the age of 39. It would be the one and only Maldini. The authentic number three jersey.

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1. Maldini tuh ganteng banget yak? hehehe
2. Itu data statistiknya ga salah?
1003 kali maen?? dalam 23 tahun berarti setaun rata-rata 43 kali ya
3. Si Noven fans berat juga ternyata... xixixix

toink_manusia_gadungan mengatakan...

Mantap om Hilman..

Kasihan juga Il Capitano harus mengakhiri karir di Eropa dgn kekalahan di kandang.

Tapi dia udah punya catatan panjang di Eropa

Grazie Paolo..

Daeng Ipul mengatakan...

seribu hormat buang Oom yang satu ini..
one of the best player in the world..salah satu pemain terbaik yang pernah diciptakan Tuhan..

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