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This was taken from " Slacker Uprising ", a documentary movie by Michael Moore which featuring Ed Vedder performing Cat Stevens...

This was taken from "Slacker Uprising", a documentary movie by Michael Moore which featuring Ed Vedder performing Cat Stevens' "Don't Be Shy". From the clip suggested above (you may also consider to visit: here), I captured hilarious moments from Ed (aside from his performance) while he spoke to the audience. More or less, here's the caption (especially for those too lazy waiting it streams completely):

"I was just...I was gonna make observation saw that guy, Bush, on the TV this morning, and I...umm...", Ed said after being introduced onstage.

George W. Bush on TV/Big Screen: "We would not have our volunteer army"

Ed nod: "That Guy". [Audience laughed]

George W. Bush on TV (again): "Let me re-state that: We would not ever draft!"

Ed replied, "And he was saying, it was gonna be...it was gonna be [Ed mimicking Dubya]: '...of our volunteer army'" [- audience laugh out loud]. So sounds good. My question is: with the nightmare they've created, who the fuck is gonna volunteer?"

Applause and laughing.

The documentary from Slacker Uprising was taken from Michael Moore's 2004 rally. At that time, Pearl Jam also ran a rally supporting John Kerry on Vote for Change tour. In recent electoral campaign, members of Pearl Jam clearly indicate which side they're on (Obama). Being asked by journalist if this time another Republican candidate will beat their choice again (as in 2004), Ed replied: "I think, for all of us who survived 8 years under George W, things couldn't get any worse."

Right after performing "Don't Be Shy", Ed were about to introduce Michael Moore onstage (this excluded from the clip, but you could watch it through the link I gave).

"I'm not making an introduction here. I've known Michael for sometimes. To illustrate, that when we first met...umm...the CIA files on Michael was probably 'bout 2-3 inches thick [gesturing with his index and thumb]. Now...[gesturing with spread his arm vertically and horizontally]".

Ed is hilarious.


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donlenon mengatakan...

he he he.. cara nyindir yang cukup satir..
konyol, tapi cerdas..

Raden Mas Angki Bukaningrat mengatakan...

siyal, videonya g' kebaca (terlihat)

Helman Taofani mengatakan...

@Don Lenon: Let the song protest! (Insignificance)

@Angki: Ke link YouTube-nya wae Ki...

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