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We're bound into late night travelling. First, we landed with last flight to Semarang last Wednesday only to find the shuttle th...

We're bound into late night travelling.

First, we landed with last flight to Semarang last Wednesday only to find the shuttle that should carry us into Temanggung was out of service. We're two hours late from the last one. The next one will be available on 3 AM.

Gina suggested that we should take the 3 AM shuttle. I dismissed the idea stating that it was too early. We're not really in a rush. So we decided to take the time to hit the bed at my sister's place and carried on whenever we felt ready.

We're leaving with 6:30 AM shuttle. When we felt that was too early, we should have braced for what came next.

At my father's place, he told us that we'd be leaving the house to Pendopo Kabupaten Temanggung at 2 AM. We should left early because we're bound to ceremonial process on 3 before departed into Asrama Haji in Solo. We were scheduled for medical check up at 7 AM in Solo. So, it was restless night once again, we're not fully recovered from the previous early trip.

We're in the Asrama for about 16 hours. And yes, we're bound into 2:50 AM flight to Jedda. As normally international flight, we're expected to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departing. The group leader has warned us that we should be prepared to leave by 11 PM.

I'm not a nite person so I can't redeem the lack of sleep from the previous night(s) by sleeping all day. I managed to take 1-2 hours naps during the day but barely sleeping again until departure.

The Asrama is a state facility which normally came into poor condition. Mosquitoes were flying in herds, the air conditioner wasn't work at all and the snore-fest that happening at the time.

At 10 PM, people were starting to prepare. Some wore ihram, as suggested by those who believed that the journey will pass Mecca so it is forbidden to wear the ihram after we landed in Jedda.

My father and based from the book that I read (by Dr Quraish Shihab) stated otherwise. It's allright to start wearing the ihram after we landed in Jedda. That's more like it.

Hajj shouldn't make difficulties to the pilgrims. Beside, we'll be flying by 3 AM and spend the next 11 hours on the plane. It's just not the perfect place to wear ihram robe.

Anyway, the early trips perhaps a sign that I should get used to wake up early. In the next 40 days, you wouldn't want to miss the early prayer at the world most sacred place(s).

It means I have to start to regulate my biorhythm. Starting activities by 2 AM and taking naps during the day. Sounds familiar in the past three days.

God has His own way to teach us.

- Solo, September 25 - about 3 hours before leaving to Jedda. -


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